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Insurance Research Council has 2002 Illinois Bodily Injury settlement average as $7,850.00.

Personal Injury:

  • Death of a motorcycle passenger and severe injuries to the motorcycle driver. Judgement: $5,490,000.00.
  • Professional truck driver involved in vehicle collision, following cervical fusion surgery was unable to return to prior occupation. Settlement: $980,000.00.
  • 12-year-old girl involved in vehicle collision, 104 stitches in the face with permanent scarring. Settlement: $500,000.00.
  • Forty-six year old nurse involved in vehicle accident, underwent lumbar fusion surgery. Settlement: $360,000.00.
  • Elderly woman fell from display chair in department store, sustained knee injury and required surgery. Chair was improperly assembled, possibly defective. Settlement: $140,000.00.
  • Twenty-year-old woman, involved in automobile accident sustained traumatic brain injury. Settlement: $140,000.00.
  • Slip and fall on ice in grocery parking lot, ankle surgery with hardware. Settlement: $65,000.00.

Worker's Compensation:

  • Truck driver whose cab bounced up and down and from side to side over every bump for three months developed lumbar herniated disks. After successful trial before an Arbitrator, appeal to the Commission and the McHenry County Circuit Court, settled for $200,000.00.
  • Non-union electrician fell nine feet when extension ladder collapsed. Sustained fracture to left ankle, required ankle fusion surgery. Unable to return to work. Worker's compensation insurance carrier paid $175, 000.00 as a settlement of worker's future lost wages.
  • Department store employee engaged in repetitive work activities, including use of pricing gun. Diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, underwent surgery on dominant hand. Claim denied at arbitration, overturned on Commission Review. Commission awarded 15% loss of use for non-operated handed, 30% loss of use for operated hand, one of the highest permanency awards for carpal tunnel syndrome. Decision and award upheld by Circuit Court and Illinois Appellate Court on review.
  • Seventy-six year old waitress fell in employer's kitchen, breaking her shoulder and injuring right eye. Settlement included payment of all future related medical expenses and $40,000.00, representing lost wages for remainder of life expectancy.

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