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Why temporary employees face higher injury risk than permanent employees

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Many industries rely on a large population of temporary employees to operate during busy seasons or periods of high demand. Every worker compensation lawyer in McHenry is aware that temporary work is often more dangerous than long-term employment. Several risk factors contribute to the increased hazard of job-related injury for temporary staff.

A large population at risk

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, approximately 3 million Americans are employed on a temporary or contingent basis at any given time. These jobs include short-term holiday employment, positions acquired through temporary work agencies, internships and brief contracting tasks. A worker compensation lawyer in McHenry realizes that the transitory nature of these positions can create a higher risk of workplace accidents.

Why is a temporary job often more dangerous?

Temporary jobs can be riskier for the following reasons:

  • Insufficient training for the hazards of the job

  • Quick turnover among personnel

  • Decreased access to safety equipment

  • Inferior working conditions

  • Fear of reporting unsafe situations because of job instability

A number of employers that make heavy use of temporary workers are negligent in some or all of these areas. When safety gear and training standards decline, injury risks go up. Any worker compensation lawyer in McHenry can confirm that even one of these risk factors may contribute to accidents on the job.

Statistics are hard to compile

As experts have become increasingly aware of the dangers faced by temporary employees, they have begun to research the problem and look for solutions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to compile exact statistics about injuries among temporary workers. OSHA logs do not require employers to record whether an employee injured on the job is working on a permanent or temporary basis. Some businesses even neglect to report their temporary workers’ illnesses and injuries in their OSHA 300 log.

Safety is crucial

Many businesses operate under the mistaken assumption that they do not need to care for the safety of their temporary workers. They may neglect to train temporary employees properly because they assume the workers will soon be gone. In some cases, temporary workers are intimidated into keeping quiet about workplace risks because they hope to stay with the company and advance to permanent employment. This practice is not healthy for businesses. Communication between workers, staffing firms and host companies is crucial for preserving the safety of all employees, both temporary and permanent.

Job-related injury is a serious risk for short-term staff in Illinois. Temporary employees who have suffered an accident at work may want to consider meeting with a personal injury attorney.

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