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How your computer monitor may be affecting your health

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Millions of workers spend their days looking at computer monitors. Employees who do not take proper precautions while using computers may be at risk of health problems from strain and overuse. This quick guide to screen safety can help people use their workstations wisely.

Monitors are not harmless

Most people take computer monitors for granted as part of the everyday landscape of 21st century America. These glowing screens operate at high voltages and create detailed images. Staring at a monitor for many hours is an unnatural activity for the human eye, as a worker compensation attorney in Crystal Lake knows. It can cause a number of serious issues in the long run.

Eyestrain from computer use

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, eyestrain is the most common work-related complaint among heavy computer users. Computer-related visual disturbances can be disabling. In some cases, they may force people to change careers, as every worker compensation attorney in Crystal Lake is aware.

Workers can avoid severe eyestrain by remembering all of the following safety rules:

  • Position screens correctly for good visibility.

  • Pay attention to ambient lighting and avoid glare.

  • Take rest breaks at least once an hour and focus the eyes away from the screen.

  • Use proper corrective lenses while working at computer monitors.

  • Make sure that all materials on the screen are at a proper magnification.

OSHA studies show that employees can cut eyestrain by as much as 80 percent by using these safety practices.

Musculoskeletal injuries linked to monitor use

Jobs tied to computer monitors may cause musculoskeletal problems. According to a recent Gallup poll, 36 percent of full-time American employees not only use company-owned monitors at work but also use their home computers to do additional work for their employers. These computer-based tasks often involve very long periods of immobility in a single seating position. Typing and data entry at a workstation can lead to repetitive stress in the hands, arms or fingers.

Fighting computer-related injuries

Workers should be aware of the possibility of eyestrain and musculoskeletal problems on the job. Rest breaks are important, as are proper ergonomic procedures in the workplace. People should sit with the upper edge of the monitor approximately at eye level and the lower back fully supported. Every employee has the right to a safe, comfortable, well designed work station.

Employees can stay safer by learning about the dangers of incorrect computer use. Injured workers may benefit from calling a worker compensation attorney in Crystal Lake.

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