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Who is Responsible When Students are Exposed to the Mumps Virus?

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Parents of children in Fremd High School recently learned that their children were exposed to mumps at school. A letter from the principal described the viral disease, the transmission process, and what parents should do if their child developed symptoms. The principal's correspondence was empathetic, informative and comprehensive, but it probably left parents feeling helpless and angry. As a personal injury lawyer Algonquin Attorney, Randall Taradash, understands when a child contracts mumps or any other disease that can be controlled by vaccination, it can be frustrating for those who have a duty to protect them. 

Parents deserve to know if the first case could have been avoided or if the disease could spread due to negligence, improper judgment, or simple human oversight.

The mumps virus was once common, but vaccinations changed that. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that the instances of the disease dropped after doctors began administering the mumps vaccine in 1967. By 2012, mumps diagnoses had plummeted from 186,000 annual cases to 229. Unfortunately, like other communicable diseases in the United States, mumps is on the rise. All Illinois students must comply with vaccination requirements or show medical proof why they can't. Schools must collect, review, and monitor vaccination records for compliance. A breakdown in this system of compliance could be one reason the virus is making a comeback. While no vaccination is 100 percent effective, Anti-Vaxxers--parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated--likely contribute to the problem.

Mumps is spread by contact with infected saliva or airborne drops from coughing or sneezing. It can be a minor problem that causes, pain, fever, aches, tiredness, and swollen glands. In children who have reached puberty, mumps can cause swollen testicles, ovaries, and breasts. Extreme cases of the disease can lead to meningitis, permanent or temporary deafness, and encephalitis, which could cause death.

Personal injury lawyer Algonquin attorney Taradash believes that children don't deserve to be exposed to the mumps virus or any of its complications. He also believes that it may require formal action for parents to get the answers they deserve.

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