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Fewer Daylight Hours Lead to More Slip and Fall Accidents


A wet floor caution sign, slip and fall accidents

The daylight savings time change is not only difficult for some people to adjust to, it also increases the risk of injuries from slip and falls because of the earlier sunset. The gain or loss of just an hour has been linked to adverse effects on the health, productivity, mood, and safety of Americans.

Increased Risks Due to Daylight Savings

Over one billion people across the globe are impacted by daylight savings changes and fewer daylight hours. In the weeks following the transition, researchers have found increases in hospital visits for medical concerns ranging from sprains to heart attacks. Simple changes in routine and a darker environment both contribute to the increased accident risk. The loss of sunlight also increases the risk of car crashes. Researchers have even suggested that waking up later or going to bed earlier, even if just an hour, can greatly impact how rested and prepared a person feels.

This daylight deficit happens just as the holidays are approaching. Even though visibility is decreased, people still enjoy the same activities as they do when it's light. Neglecting to change the timers for outdoor lighting may seem like a simple mistake, but without proper lighting, curbs, debris and damage to walkways may not be seen. When it's unreasonably dark, slip and falls become a major hazard.

Slip and Falls and the Law

When a property owner or manager does not make reasonable efforts to prevent injuries, this may leave them liable in a personal injury suit. Little light combined with trip hazards, unmanaged snow and ice or steps spells danger, but this is a danger that can be easily avoided with proper preparation.

Those who have been injured due to a slip and fall accident in Illinois may receive compensation to cover the costs of medical bills, lost work, or pain and suffering. A McHenry County personal injury attorney can provide information regarding premises liability law and how cases are handled. If those responsible for managing a property do not keep it adequately lighted, accidents are likely to happen as a result. Because daylight savings and darker weather are events that are well-known, most make prior arrangements to make lighting available to avoid the serious injuries that could result from a slip and fall accident.

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