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Proposed Legislation to Change Wrong-way Driving and Speed Limit Laws

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Fatal accidents in 2016 were the second highest in nearly ten years. Illinois legislator reviewed the primary causes and have proposed changes to current driving laws to address some of those causes. The two most notable changes are being made to wrong-way driving and state speed limits.

For those who are interested in learning more about other changes to driving laws, an attorney for car accident cases can help explain current laws and what legislators have proposed.

Wrong-Way Law Changes

According to a study conducted between 2004 and 2009, roughly 60% of all wrong-way accidents were under the influence. An increase in enforcement of current laws and implementation of new technology are some of the first ways the state has sought to reduce these accidents. However, they are not expected to be enough.

As a high number of wrong-way accidents result in fatalities, tougher laws have been proposed to deter drivers from potentially putting themselves and others at risk. House Bill 303 gives judges the ability to take wrong-way driving was a factor in an accident involving aggravated DUI. If it was found to be a factor, the driver can get additional time in prison.

Speed Limit Changes

The second big change proposed to driving laws is Senate Bill 2036. It would increase the speed limit on many interests and highways around the state.

  • The speed limit on Interstate 355 would be increased to 75 mph.

  • The speed limit on Interstate 80 and interstates west of 355 would be increased to 80 mph.

  • The speed limit on highways with two or three lanes outside of cities and urban areas will be increased to 60 mph. This proposed change would exclude interstate highway speed limits.

Other speed limits may be established for stretches or roads, but if no speed limit is posted, these would be the established limits for the road. The proposed change is largely based on the current speed limit in other states. If passed, the change is expected to help improve the flow of traffic around the state. Since many drivers already travel at 75 mph, the change should reflect the established comfort zone for drivers.

Driving laws have to be changed to reflect current needs to ensure road safety. An attorney for car accident investigations and cases can help review the changes and determine how they will affect drivers going forward.

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