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April 2020 Archives

It may not be whiplash: Learn about facet joint pain

When you get hurt, even something that will heal can have a significant impact on your life. It can take months or years to fully recover from some kinds of injuries. Even though they're only disabling temporarily, you have to live with them and the consequences they have on your life.

Worker suffers steam burns during project without permit

Sometimes, work that needs to be performed needs to have a permit. This permit helps guarantee that everyone involved in a project knows the rules and regulations that they have to follow to be safe. When an employer fails to get a permit, it could mean that their employees are more likely to end up with injuries.

What may impact spinal cord injury recovery?

A spinal cord injury may be a life-impacting event. For people who have catastrophic injuries, the likelihood of their abilities fully recovering is not always guaranteed. There are a few points about the injury that might come into the picture that could alter the degree of potential recovery.

Primary types of traumatic brain injuries

A person who is involved in a motor vehicle crash or on-the-job injury might suffer a traumatic brain injury. These can range from minor to severe, but you shouldn't let the classification of the injury lead you to make assumptions about how a person will fare.

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