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Unsafe Ladders Create Big Problems

Severe injuries or death can result from ladder falls, and these types of falls contribute significantly to injuries at work. Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injury in the U.S. Around 20% of falls at work involve ladders. A Crystal Lake worker compensation attorney can help provide answers after an injury.

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Infographic, Unsafe Ladders Create Big Problems


Falls From Ladders Lead to Emergency Visits

Nationwide, nearly 100,000 people require emergency care after a ladder-related fall annually, with an estimated 700 deaths. Ladder-related injuries have been on the rise in the past ten years, with a nearly 50% increase.

Construction workers face the highest risk at work from ladders. In 2014, 359 of the 899 total deaths for construction workers were the result of falls. Deaths resulting from high falls accounted for 8.2% of total deaths in the private industry for the same year.

Older workers, male workers, and Hispanic workers have higher rates of falls, both fatal and non-fatal. Fatality rates are higher for self-employed persons compared to salary or wage earners. Smaller businesses with fewer employees also had higher death rates.

Injuries From Ladder Falls

Head injuries were the main cause of death in 49% of fatal falls. 12% of the fatalities were caused by damage to the trunk of the body. For the non-fatal falls, the most common injuries were to lower and upper extremities. Anyone injured should consider a Crystal Lake worker compensation attorn to safeguard their rights.

How To Prevent Falls

The best way to prevent ladder falls is to follow safe ladder practices. Employers should consider these steps to keep employees safe:

  • Plan work to reduce the need for ladders as much as possible

  • Provide safer equipment such as aerial lifts or supported scaffolds

  • Provide ladders that are inspected and matched to the employee's weight and task

  • Provide ladder safety information and training to employees

Anyone using a ladder should maintain three points of contact with the ladder. Climbing while carrying objects makes using a ladder more dangerous. Ladders should also be placed on firm and level ground. They should never be put in front of doors or gates. Ladders should be staked to the ground if they cannot be braced by another person on the ground.

Many ladder falls are preventable, but in some cases, workers are injured because of unsafe conditions. An experienced Crystal Lake worker compensation attorney can answer questions after an accident occurs.



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