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Is nursing home abuse as common as it seems?

Elder abuse in nursing homes is a serious problem that continues to be underreported in America. The reality is that millions of Americans struggle with neglect and abuse in the nursing home system, even though these facilities are often bound to strict safety protocols and medical standards.

While nursing home abuse is more common than it should be, the important point to note is that there are only a few nursing homes that end up making up a bulk of the abuse. Statistics from the early 2000s showed that it is only around 20 percent of all nursing homes that have trouble with the abuse or neglect of patients.

Teen dies in 2-car crash in Wauconda

Imagine driving down the street. You have another line of traffic driving toward you on the opposite side of the road. Suddenly, a driver pulls out into your lane, heading straight for you. You're able to brake and avoid a crash but not everyone has enough time to do so. They're the victims who end up in head-on crashes.

Sadly, some people don't survive when they're struck by a driver who isn't paying attention or is being reckless behind the wheel. That's what happened in this case involving a McHenry teen who was killed when another vehicle collided with her own.

Blows to the head are serious: Look for these symptoms

Head injuries can happen in any work environment, whether they're from a slip-and-fall accident or caused by heavy items falling and hitting someone. Head injuries are extremely dangerous for the victims, because they can worsen as swelling increases. For that reason, it's vital that victims are hospitalized as soon as possible after suffering a blow to the head.

Head injuries are among the most common causes of disability in America. Approximately 1.7 million people suffer from TBIs each year, with many needing help to complete their daily tasks after the incident.

Sudden storms create dangerous drivers

When people see that there is bad weather headed their way, they can tend to overreact. This is bad news if you're on the roads, since people who would typically obey traffic laws may decide to do everything they can to get to safety, even though they're not considering how dangerous their own actions are.

Take for example the recent burst of thunderstorms through the Midwest. While they can be scary and threatening, drivers have to know the right way to handle the hazardous weather. They need to be aware that they should turn on their hazard lights, slow down or pull over. Many drivers speed up to try to rush to the nearest exit or parking lot, but in their haste, they could cause a crash.

Falls: A risk to the elderly in nursing homes

Your loved ones are aging, so you've looked into placing them into a nursing home. You want to make sure they have the care they need to be safe around the clock, even if that means not being in their own home.

One thing you do worry about is injuries, though. What if their call for help isn't answered quickly and they get up on their own? They could fall. What if the nurse or aide isn't cautious? They could injure your loved one.

Impacts and injuries: Get the right payout

Traffic accidents can take a toll on your body. When you're involved in an impact, the seat belt restrains you and spreads out the force across some of the strongest parts of your body and protects your internal organs.

Depending on the severity of the impact, you could find that you're badly hurt even with the assistance of a seat belt. The reality is that your body can only take so much impact, even with it spread out.

Injured? It's smart to hire an attorney to pursue your claim

Personal injuries can happen to anyone, from people who get hurt in nursing homes due to poor care to those who are injured in car wrecks on their way to work. There are so many ways to get hurt in today's world that it would be impossible to predict -- or prevent -- them all.

When you get hurt, it's important that you have someone on your side to help. You may be busy going through medical treatments or rehabilitation, so it's helpful to have someone who can take over your case and work to get you a settlement or the compensation you deserve at trial (if necessary).

Repetitive strain injuries: Seek early assistance with recovery

When you're working, there is nothing worse than doing your job and suddenly feeling the ping of pain that comes with repetitive strain injuries. Whether you're lifting patients into their beds or trying to install a new device for your company, almost anyone has the potential to suffer from these injuries when they complete similar work all day, every day.

Repetitive strain injuries cause more damage than many people think, because they develop over time. By the time someone thinks that an injury is serious enough to seek assistance, the injuries may have worsened to the point of needing surgery or significant medical treatment.

Don't let a nursing home get away with neglect and abuse

You were sitting near your phone when it went off. You answered to a frantic parent saying that you needed to come get them out of the nursing home. You had no idea what happened, but you quickly went to their nursing home to see what was going on.

When you arrived, you found your loved one sleeping soundly, much to your surprise. The nurse asserted that they had been acting unusual and made a call out of confusion. You don't agree because you know your loved one doesn't have any signs of dementia or Alzheimer's that could lead to confusion.

What's the purpose of vocational rehabilitation?

After you're involved in a work accident, you may not be able to do the things you could before. You might have lost a limb, suffered a head injury or have another condition that impacts your ability to do the job you had before. You may think you'll never be able to go back to gainful employment again.

The good news is that workers' compensation benefits also allow for vocational rehabilitation. This is extremely important for some people who suffer debilitating injuries due to workplace accidents.

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