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Your support system is there to help after a serious injury

It's not easy to live with any kind of injury, whether you suffer from one on the job or you're hurt in a serious car crash. Injuries can happen to anyone almost anywhere, so you're not alone in dealing with this change in your life.

As someone who is dealing with the frustration of a major injury, it's important to learn how to cope. Some common methods for handling new injuries and disabilities include:

  • Working with a therapist to help with mental health concerns such as changes in mood or behavior, anxiety or depression
  • Hiring an in-home caregiver or nurse to provide assistance and to give your family support and needed relief
  • Working through physical or occupational therapy to give you better control over your body with its new injuries or disabilities
  • Taking specialized medications to help with chronic pain or dysfunction

Workers' compensation: What you should know

You didn't expect today to be any different from any other day at work. You started on time, were wearing all the right protective equipment and were having a pretty normal day.

What you didn't expect was that a part of the machinery you were using would break. You didn't know that you'd end up calling an ambulance while nursing serious injuries.

Don't let distractions cause a crash

You've been driving for years, so you know that it's important to stay focused. You've had your share of close calls, and you understand why some younger drivers might not focus as much as they should. On top of that, society is so much more connected today than it was in the past that it just makes sense that people want to continue to use their devices while driving.

Unfortunately, distractions do cause accidents, severe injuries and death. Although people generally don't intend to cause collisions, the reality is that choosing to do anything other than focusing on the road is a recipe for a collision.

1 hurt in crash between car, school bus in Illinois

There are crashes all the time in Illinois, but only some of them lead to serious consequences. The people who are victims in these collisions may suffer from life-altering injuries or lose a loved one as a result of the impact.

It's important for drivers to pay attention to the road and to make good decisions. If traffic is slowing down, they should, too. If it's too difficult to see, they shouldn't try to pass others. When passing, they should always make sure there is time to do so safely.

Fatal DUI crash leaves 1 dead in McHenry County

Traffic accidents claim lives and leave victims maimed. Some people get lucky and walk away without injuries, but for many, car crashes mark the moment when their lives change forever.

Sometimes, poor decisions lead to the deaths of others. Take, for example, this report about a crash that took place in McHenry County. One person was killed, and another has been charged with a DUI in connection to the collision.

Why you should never try to “tough it out” after a job injury

Having a strong work ethic can help set you apart from your coworkers when your boss wants to hand out raises or promotions. Unfortunately, your work ethic can also put you at risk for unnecessary injury. If you get hurt while working, your first instinct might be to just shrug it off and keep going. Whether you start feeling a pain in your knee every time you bend or a twinge in your back as you lift materials, an injury that flares while working may seem like something to simply ignore until it goes away.

However, if a single dose of over-the-counter analgesic medicine and a night of rest do not resolve your symptoms, you may actually have a serious work injury that requires medical care and rest. The potential for a long-term, disabling injury to go untreated is exactly why workers who experience an injury on the job should report it to their employer as soon as possible.

You deserve support after suffering severe injuries in a crash

You were heading home from a local musical, and you were having a wonderful night. You and your partner were really pleased with how the evening had gone, and you were heading back home to have a drink and watch a movie.

Then, just as you made your plans, a light appeared unusually to the right of your vehicle. It wasn't a second later that a vehicle collided with your passenger side as its driver quickly backed out of their driveway.

Star ratings can affect financing for nursing homes in Illinois

Nursing home abuse and neglect are some of the worst things that can happen to the elderly. These cases are troubling because they affect the people who rely on the support of others the most.

What's good to know is that the lenders who give loans and consider financing skilled nursing facilities will withdraw their support if they find issues in these facilities. These lenders offer loans through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD.) To be able to give a loan, they do need to look into the operation's history, both clinical and financial. If there are red flags, the investment might not be considered good, and the nursing home or skilled nursing facility may not get the loan it's looking for.

How to adjust to living with an amputation

Living_with_an_amputation_after_injury_accident.jpgAs you were working, one of the guards on the machines fell away. You knew you needed to reattach it, but with only a few more cuts to make, you decided to complete the job.

Moments later, it was every nightmare you'd ever had come true. Your hand was jerked into the machine, and you suffered serious lacerations to your fingers, hand and forearm. Fortunately, a coworker was nearby and shut off the machine.

4-vehicle crash leaves 2 with significant injuries

When you're traveling on the road, one thing you might notice is an uptick in the number of large semitrucks. With a better economy, more goods move around the country. As the holidays arrive, even more of these vehicles will cram their way onto roadways.

Semitrucks are dangerous, though. The drivers don't have great visibility, so they can't see you if you're too close to their vehicle. They need more time to stop and accelerate, and they need a lot more room to pass.

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