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Recognize neglect to give your loved one the help they need

Nursing home neglect is something that you may find harder to identify than abuse. Someone who is neglected may get used to being left alone for days at a time, or the staff of a nursing home may know when families are coming and get those who are neglected ready and cleaned up only when they have to.

The sad reality is that neglect is often easy to hide and difficult to identify. Without physical signs of abuse, neglect could go on for months or years without being noticed by those who visit loved ones in their nursing homes.

If you're in a crash, you may want to file a claim

When you were driving home from your child's soccer game, you were just trying to get there safely. You took your time and stayed off your digital devices. You had your kids be quiet, and you made your way home.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as cautious as you are. As you were passing through an intersection and green light, a vehicle came toward you from the left. They blew through the red light and T-boned your vehicle. Fortunately, your children were seated on the other side of the vehicle, but you still took the brunt of the force on the driver's side.

7 dangers in the construction industry

On a yearly basis, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the United States. It leads to many accidents, injuries and fatalities. Part of this is due to the size of the industry; with so many workers, injury statistics are bound to be high. But the rates are also high, showing that there are inherent risks. What is it that makes the industry so dangerous?

Workers can get hurt in many ways, and every situation is different. The following is not a comprehensive list of risks by any means, but it does address seven of the biggest hazards to help explain why injury rates are so high.

Why are teenagers more dangerous drivers?

Your job frequently lets you out at 3:30 in the afternoon, which is one of the perks you enjoy. You get to go home a bit early, avoiding the traffic jams so common around 5 p.m., and you get to spend some more time with your family. You really value that time, and you do not mind getting to work a bit earlier than most if it means getting out early.

However, you are also well aware that you leave work at the same time as many teenagers get out of high school. Sometimes, you feel like you are surrounded by teenage drivers on every road, at every stoplight and in every intersection.

New icon to help improve transparency of nursing home citations

Nursing home abuse has no place in a medical facility. Abuse and neglect are both a result of people who aren't doing their jobs or who believe that they have power that they want to exert over another person.

The reality is that no elder should ever have to deal with abuse or mistreatment. If they are struggling with it, then they deserve to have an opportunity to hold those responsible liable for their actions.

Here's some interesting facts about fatal crashes in Illinois

Illinois is home to many people who enjoy living there and working through their daily lives. Most people don't go through their days thinking that today could be the day of a serious or fatal car crash.

Every year, there is data released about the state's total number of fatal crashes. This data can be indicative of changes in the state's traffic safety. For example, Illinois has seen 92 fewer crashes so far in 2019 than in 2018. However, there are still three months to go.

What should you do if you're bitten by a dog on the job?

You have to complete a route for your job, and part of doing that route is being out in public. You have to go to people's homes, and that means that you're exposed to their pets.

One of the biggest risks to those delivering packages or mail is that a dog will snap and cause a bite injury. Bites can quickly become infected, and depending on the incident, they may be severe enough to cause massive bleeding, tissue damage and worse.

ALDI fall leads to brain injury

Injuries can happen anywhere, and some can be severe. Take, for example, this shocking story of a woman who fell at the local McHenry ALDI.

The woman, who was said to be in her late 70s, was shopping in the ALDI store when she fell and hit her head on the ground. At around 4:00 p.m, the police were dispatched to the scene to provide assistance. They, along with the McHenry Township Fire Protection District, reported that the woman had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Flight For Life was called to the scene to transport her by air to the local Level I trauma center at Advocate Condell Medical Center.

Get to know the 4 stages of pressure sores

If your loved one is in a nursing home and develops a bedsore, that's a significant sign of neglect. When an elderly person can't move around on their own well, it's up to the staff to help them adjust and move each day. Without good circulation, bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, can develop and lead to pain and infection. In the most severe cases, they can cause death.

Not all bedsores are the same, so it is helpful to know the stages and how far along your loved one's injury is. Early stages are much easier to treat, while late stages may require surgery and intensive care. There are four stages that you should know.

What are three common causes of collisions?

Motor vehicle accidents can take many forms, from rear-end collisions at low speeds to high-speed front-end crashes. In most cases, people never see these crashes coming, even though there may be some signs of trouble up ahead.

Many collisions are caused by distractions, drowsiness and drunken driving. These three D's are among the most common causes of collisions leading to injuries and death. Each one of these actions impairs drivers in some way, making them more prone to causing accidents.

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