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1 hurt, 1 killed in DUI crash in McHenry

When you're driving, the worst thing that you could imagine happening would be a serious car crash with another driver. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who don't take their responsibility of driving safely very seriously. Those people may make mistakes that end up putting others' lives at risk.

Take for example this case involving a 42-year-old man who is now facing criminal charges for the death of another party in a crash he allegedly caused. The victim, a 41-year-old man, died when he was hit head-on by the vehicle being driven by the 42-year-old man. The 42-year-old man had been heading west when he crossed the center line and moved in toward oncoming traffic.

Can you use a camera in a resident's room in a nursing home?

If you place a loved one into a nursing home, one thing you may want to do is to place a camera in their room. In Illinois, you are allowed to install a camera into your loved one's room, so that you can record what happens when you're not able to be present.

In 2015, the governor of Illinois passed HB2462 to allow families and nursing home residents the option to use cameras in their rooms. There is no requirement that one has to be installed, but the option is something that should make you feel better. Why? You can use that camera to track what happens when you're not able to be present.

Distractions: A cause of death at home, work and on the roads

You want to be safe when you're at work. Failing to work safely means that you could hurt yourself or others. In a worst-case scenario, someone could be killed.

National Trauma Awareness Month is May 2020, which means that it is a good time to talk about how you can prevent injuries to yourself and others. Staying focused is one of the key ways to prevent serious injuries, disabilities or death. That's why this year's title is, "Distracted to Death, Pay Attention or Pay the Price," which applies to many different situations.

What are some causes of jaw pain after a car crash?

When people get into car crashes, there are all kinds of injuries that can happen. One that you won't often hear discussed is damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Dysfunction of the jaw joint can be serious, and it can cause lasting pain and other complications.

The joint itself can be damaged in a few ways. The muscles, tendons and ligaments can be strained and sprained or torn. The jaw bone could be dislocated, which stretches and damages the joint, too. Broken or dislocated jaws are a common cause of TMJ.

Is it time for a nursing home? How can you know?

Your loved one is important to you. You want to make sure that they receive the best care and are taken care of no matter where they are.

Initially, you worked with a home health care service, because you felt it was best for your family member to stay in their home. Now, though, their medical condition has worsened. If you're being honest, they need more advanced care than what they're currently receiving.

Negligent and reckless drivers are hazards for motorcyclists

The warmer months of the year are ideal for Illinois residents to get out and enjoy spending time on their motorcycles. When they do this, they know that they must drive safely, and they count on other drivers to do the same. Unfortunately, there are instances in which motorcyclists suffer injuries at the hands of other motorists.

The issue here is that some drivers see motorcyclists as inferior vehicles. They don't provide the bikers with the right of way they're due. In Illinois, the laws clearly put motorcyclists on an even plane with other drivers, so they all must respect the rights of the others.

An orbital fracture can be a big problem after a car crash

You were involved in a serious traffic accident, and you took a direct blow to your face. The damage was severe, and you were very swollen. After going through imaging tests and emergency procedures, your medical provider informed you that you'd broken the bones around the eye socket.

An orbital fracture is a traumatic injury. It's normally caused by a high energy impact to the face. This can be dangerous, because the swelling could impact your sight. Additionally, if a bone breaks and shatters, it could directly impact the eye.

It may not be whiplash: Learn about facet joint pain

When you get hurt, even something that will heal can have a significant impact on your life. It can take months or years to fully recover from some kinds of injuries. Even though they're only disabling temporarily, you have to live with them and the consequences they have on your life.

Take whiplash as an example. This is usually a mild injury, but it can take moderate and acute forms as well. Severe (acute) cases can lead to chronic pain and the need for extensive physical therapy, surgery and other support.

Worker suffers steam burns during project without permit

Sometimes, work that needs to be performed needs to have a permit. This permit helps guarantee that everyone involved in a project knows the rules and regulations that they have to follow to be safe. When an employer fails to get a permit, it could mean that their employees are more likely to end up with injuries.

Three different employers have been cited for safety hazards after a worker was burned in Illinois. According to a report from April 8, three companies, Hill Mechanical Corp., National Heat & Power Corp., and Northwestern University, are all facing fines for exposing workers to underground steam vaults that normally require permits.

What may impact spinal cord injury recovery?

A spinal cord injury may be a life-impacting event. For people who have catastrophic injuries, the likelihood of their abilities fully recovering is not always guaranteed. There are a few points about the injury that might come into the picture that could alter the degree of potential recovery.

One misconception about these injuries is that the impacts are only going to be serious if the spinal cord is completely severed. The fact is that any damage to the spinal cord can lead to a reduction in abilities in areas of the body that are below the level of the injury.

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