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Helping The Disabled Obtain The Social Security Benefits They Deserve

Most Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) claims are initially denied – even when the benefits are clearly deserved. However, these same claims are often approved on appeal.

At Taradash Johnson Janezic, our McHenry Social Security Disability lawyers have helped hundreds of families recover the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve, including past benefits that could amount to thousands of dollars. To learn more about our legal services, contact our McHenry, Illinois, Social Security Disability lawyers. We offer a free consultation to review your case and explain your legal options.

Our McHenry SSD/SSDI Attorneys Handle Claims From Initial Application Through Appeal

Commonly thought of as a “retirement” program, Social Security is also an insurance system established by the government. It was designed to provide for individuals and their families after a disability or an injury renders them unable to work. Obtaining these benefits is not easy because the rules of the system are very complicated, and the government wants to screen out false claims. As a result, they throw out a large number of valid initial claims along with the fraudulent claims. To obtain the benefits you deserve, or to get your benefits reinstated following suspension of benefits, you will need the help of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

Helping You Get The Social Security Benefits You Need

The amount of time you have worked and the nature of your disability will be the greatest factors in determining your eligibility and the amount of your benefits. The SSD attorneys at Taradash Johnson Janezic can help you with every aspect of your claim, including:

  • Helping you file your initial claim or file for reconsideration or appeal
  • Offering documentation of disability from medical records and vocational experts
  • Defining your disability in accordance with the federal guidelines
  • Providing all appropriate documentation to support your claim
  • Representing you at the administrative law judge hearing and before the Appeals Council
  • Communicating with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your behalf throughout the process

We Can Also Help You With Workers’ Compensation Claims

We also assist clients with workers’ compensation claims. Benefits obtained from workers’ comp or Social Security Disability programs can reduce your overall benefits. We can potentially minimize this offset and increase your total benefits. At the Taradash Johnson Janezic, we understand the emotional and financial strain that a delay or denial of Social Security Disability benefits can place on your family. We provide dedicated personal service for every client throughout the appeals process.

Free Consultation With An llinois Social Security Disability Attorney

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