Preparing to Meet with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Seeking legal advice after you sustain injuries in an accident is critical, but properly preparing to meet with your personal injury attorney in McHenry is just as important. At the Taradash Johnson Janezic, we are ready to answer your legal questions and explain your options. To do this, though, we will need as much information about your accident and injury as possible.Before meeting with an attorney, you should start gathering official records and other relevant documentation. You may also want to write down legal questions to ask your personal injury lawyer to ensure that nothing is overlooked during the meeting. The easiest way to prepare is to call ahead and directly ask your attorney what information you will need, but generally, you will need to provide the following during your first meeting:
  • Medical information. This includes names and addresses of the hospital and ambulance company, dates of hospitalization and contact information for any treating physicians.
  • Accident reports. Your personal injury attorney will want to see the official report and any accompanying statements.
  • Insurance information. You should bring copies of the relevant policies, the statement you gave and any correspondence, along with contact information for the representatives you spoke with.
  • Financial information. This includes medical bills, pay stubs reflecting wage loss and receipts for purchases or modifications that you made to accommodate your injuries.

These are only basic guidelines. One of the questions to ask an attorney is whether your specific accident merits additional information or documentation. For instance, if you have experienced a car accident, your personal injury lawyer may ask for unusual forms of evidence. This could include information exchanged after the accident, photographs of the scene and any traffic tickets issued in association with the accident.