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Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys in Illinois

When a trucking accident occurs, the consequences can often be devastating. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when regular motor vehicles are involved in collisions with commercial trucks, 98% of the resulting fatalities are the drivers or passengers of the cars, and only 2% can be attributed to the drivers of commercial vehicles.

Most commercial trucks are usually anywhere from 14,000 to 33,000 pounds, while regular vehicles range between 4,000 and 5,500 pounds. When commercial trucks collide with regular cars, the trucks are able to absorb a significant amount of the force exerted on the drivers and they are less likely to sustain serious injuries. However, the truck exerts a much larger force on the car. Due to the car’s comparably small size, its occupants are the ones who receive the brunt of the force, which often results in serious injury and death.

At Taradash Johnson Janezic, our Illinois trucking accident attorneys serve accident victims throughout the Northern Illinois area, including McHenry, Woodstock, Cary, and Crystal Lake. We have been serving the people of McHenry County and Northern Illinois for over 30 years, so our personal injury lawyers are familiar with the requirements and nuances that come with litigating trucking accident claims.

Illinois Trucking Accident Lawyers

As a trucking accident law firm, we are well aware of the dynamics that bring about many of these collisions. Trucks often fail to stop in time to prevent a collision when following a passenger car too closely. Additionally, truck drivers can easily lose control of their trucks due to high winds, sudden turns or overcorrection. Commercial drivers also usually have much bigger blind spots, which increases the chance they will overlook another motorist on the road.

Unfortunately, despite extensive regulation prohibiting the practice, many commercial drivers put profit above safety and drive while exhausted in order to get a shipment in on time. Truck driving is a dangerous profession, but it becomes almost a deadly guarantee that an accident will occur if a driver ignores federal regulations requiring a minimum amount of rest.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable For Unsafe Truck Drivers

Taradash Johnson Janezic will continue fighting for truck accident victims every day. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, contact a truck accident attorney at our personal injury law office today to discuss your injury claim. Call us today at 815-669-4635 or email us now.

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