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Fighting For Fair Compensation For Injured Health Care Workers

As plaintiff’s attorneys working with people suffering from injuries, illnesses and chronic disabling conditions, we understand the irony facing many injured health care workers. You became a doctor, nurse, therapist or another type of health care provider because you wanted to help ailing people heal. Now it is you who is suffering after being injured or exposed to an infectious disease on the job. You may have been harmed at work through:

  • Repetitive stress injuries, perhaps caused by lifting heavy patients or performing other repetitive actions
  • Traumatic injuries, perhaps caused by falling or colliding with heavy hospital equipment
  • Occupational hazards and diseases, such as exposure to toxic chemicals or exposure to COVID-19 or another infectious disease

For your own health, we urge you to speak up and get the help you need and deserve. File a workers’ compensation claim and explore other options you have for getting the financial support you need and deserve.

Legally speaking, we also remind you of your duty to inform your employer in a timely manner after you have been injured or become ill in the workplace. If you delay, you may diminish your ability to obtain as full a financial recovery as possible.

We Are Local Attorneys Who Thrive On Helping The Injured In Our Community

This is a time when you need someone to watch out for you and your well-being. Ideally, you will get qualified medical evaluations and treatment as soon as possible. However, you need more than medical care. You need an advocate in your corner – someone to ensure that you will be treated fairly and get your rightful benefits or compensation through one or more of the following:

Your workers’ compensation claim should come first, and there is no need to delay further getting help.

Turn To Trusted Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Representing Injured Health Care Workers

As career attorneys at Taradash Johnson Janezic, we compassionately and skillfully support injured health care workers on a contingency basis. Let us explain how we can care for your needs through our advocacy. Call us in McHenry, Illinois, at 815-669-4635 or inquire online to request a free consultation.