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Helping Injured Workers In Lake And McHenry Counties Obtain Vocational Training Benefits

Injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation vocational rehabilitation benefits, depending on the nature and extent of their work injuries. If an injured worker is unable to return to his or her previous job position due to long-term or permanent injuries, vocational rehabilitation may be necessary. Vocational rehabilitation is the process of rebuilding work skills as part of recovering from a work-related injury or illness.

Types Of Workers’ Compensation Vocational Training

The amount and type of vocational rehabilitation provided to injured employees vary from state to state. Some common types of the workers’ compensation vocational training services to which an injured worker may be entitled include:

  • On-the-job training
  • Resumé and job-application services
  • Interview coaching
  • Job search assistance
  • Wage assessment evaluations
  • Job counseling
  • Ergonomics assessment
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) reasonable-accommodation assistance
  • Education and tuition payments for retraining

The actual vocational rehabilitation benefits to which an injured employee will be entitled are determined by the employee’s specific injury and employment situation, as well as state workers’ compensation laws.

How Do I Obtain Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

If you suffered a work injury, you must promptly notify the employer or manager about the injury or illness within 45 days of the accident, injury or illness. Although employers or their insurance carriers are obligated to provide workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers, it is the obligation of injured workers to file a workers’ compensation claim.

It is very important that injured workers who are receiving vocational rehabilitation benefits actively participate in the vocational plan and cooperate with the vocational training services. In fact, a lack of participation or cooperation can result in the termination of vocational rehabilitation benefits. Employees should keep records of the steps that they are taking in connection with the vocational rehabilitation plan.

Other Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Illinois workers’ compensation laws also provide for the following workers’ compensation benefits, depending on the extent and nature of the employee’s injury or illness:

  • Medical and rehabilitative expenses
  • Temporary total disability benefits equal to two-thirds of the employee’s average gross weekly wage if the employee is unable to work while recovering
  • Temporary partial permanent disability benefits equal to two-thirds of the difference between the average amount the worker would be able to earn in his or her pre-injury job and the net amount he or she earns in a light-duty job while recovering
  • Permanent total disability benefits if there is a loss of use of a part of the body

Contact An Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Just because you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation and other workers’ compensation benefits, that doesn’t mean that your employer or its insurance carrier will necessarily pay you the full amount that you are owed. Workers’ compensation insurance companies often try to deny or reduce the amount of a workers’ compensation claim, including denying vocational rehabilitation benefits. Therefore, it is not uncommon for injured workers to face an uphill battle to get the workers’ compensation benefits that they are owed. An Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer can be instrumental in helping you get maximum workers’ compensation benefits, along with any other compensation to which you may be entitled.

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