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Product Liability Attorneys in McHenry, IL

Whether you have a child who was injured from a defective toy or hurt yourself due to a defective drug or other product in the stream of commerce, the skilled McHenry, Illinois, defective product lawyers at the Taradash Johnson Janezic are here for you. Manufacturers and all other parties involved in the production of malfunctioning products can be held liable in a court of law.

Representing People Injured By Defective Products In Illinois

It is not only important to hold the makers of dangerous products in Illinois responsible for their actions in order to compensate you for your injuries, but also to prevent these acts from happening again. Contact our legal team of defective product attorneys to schedule your free initial consultation.

Defective Products Lawyer Helping Those Throughout McHenry County

Defective product injuries can occur anytime and anywhere. We have assisted individuals in all industries through the various types of accidents that can happen, including:

  • Workplace injuries: defective saws, conveyor belts, factory equipment, forklifts and other malfunctioning tools can lead to serious injury
  • Automobile accidents: airbags that fail to inflate, defective tires, malfunctioning brakes and other car parts can cause serious damage to you and your family
  • Defective drugs: when drug companies create prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that harm you and your family, they deserve to be held accountable
  • Malfunctioning toys: your child’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we will fight to ensure that injuries like this do not happen again in the future

Experienced Personal Injury Representation

Our defective products lawyers serve clients throughout Illinois with all of their personal injury needs. If you are harmed in a product liability scenario, we will thoroughly investigate the matter to determine all parties that are responsible for the product being in the stream of commerce. This will allow us to maximize the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Free Consultation With A Products Liability Attorney

For a free consultation with a McHenry / Northern Illinois defective products lawyer at the Taradash Johnson Janezic, call 815-669-4635 or contact our Illinois injury law firm online.

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