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Bicycle Accident Lawyers In McHenry

The world’s increasing awareness of environmental consciousness and health has sparked the popularity of biking. More people are turning to bicycles, whether for commuting, exercise or simply for enjoyment. However, along with the many benefits of cycling come significant responsibilities and potential risks, especially when navigating roads shared with vehicles.

Taradash Johnson Janezic is a leading North Illinois injury firm with over 75 years of combined experience fighting to help people involved in road accidents. Our team has recovered millions for our past clients. We carefully evaluate each case to confirm compliance and seek justice for the injured.

The Dangers Of Sharing The Road With Other Vehicles

McHenry offers dedicated paths where cyclists can enjoy the outdoors without the constant worry of vehicular traffic. However, not all routes have these amenities.

When cyclists go beyond the bike paths and enter a shared space with vehicles, they must adhere to the following rules of the road:

  • Traffic signals
  • Stopping at stop signs
  • Signaling turns
  • Yielding appropriately.

Such measures promote personal safety and foster respect and cooperation between cyclists and motorists. To mitigate risks, cyclists should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate shared spaces effectively.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s publication, “Rules of the Road for Nonmotorized Bicycles,” has a comprehensive guide for cyclists, outlining the legalities and best practices for safer road sharing to avoid bicycle-car accidents.

Types Of Injuries From Bike Accidents

Despite the precautions taken, bike accidents can lead to various injuries. They can include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and amputation
  • Road burns or road rash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Abrasion and contusion
  • Emotional trauma

After an accident, it is best to seek medical attention and consult with our injury lawyers to understand your legal standing. In case of negligence from another party, our experienced accident lawyers can hold them accountable and help you receive compensation.

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Local Bicycle Information

There are many beautiful bike trails, not only in McHenry County but also throughout Illinois.

Bike trails around McHenry County, IL

  • Fox River Trail – St. Charles – Dundee Township Visitor’s Center loop from West Dundee
  • Dundee Township Visitor’s Center loop from Carpentersville
  • Lakewood Forest Preserve loop from Volo
  • Nippersink trail entrance – Beautiful view of the lake loop from Long Lake

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