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The Serious Implications Of Bedsores

Bedsores, or decubitus ulcers, are sores caused by prolonged periods of pressure. This type of injury affects the skin and the soft tissue, and it can be quite painful. These injuries happen when caretakers do not turn the bedridden patient often enough, causing pressure on specific parts of the body. In many cases, this is the result of nursing home neglect due to a nursing home not providing sufficient care for a patient.

A bedsore is a skin issue, but it can actually lead to serious health complications. If these sores become infected, it can lead to septicemia, which may be fatal. We take seriously every indication of nursing home abuse and neglect, including bedsores. If you suspect mistreatment, we will take quick action to protect the interests of your loved one. Our attorneys are completely dedicated to the pursuit of justice for the injured, and we will move to hold liable parties accountable

Does Your Loved One Show Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing homes have the responsibility of giving proper care to all residents. Lack of supervision, medical care and individual attention can lead to serious and painful physical injuries. Some of these injuries include bedsores. If your parent or loved one has bedsores, it could be a sign of neglect.

You have the right to take action on behalf of your loved one and seek to hold nursing homes accountable for mistreatment. At Taradash Johnson Janezic, we support Illinois families who are seeking justice for injured, abused or neglected nursing home residents. Since 1981, our lawyers have helped over 15,000 clients with injury cases – we have the experience necessary to fight for justice for your family member.

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