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Smartphone App May Help to Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

Illinois residents who work in the manufacturing industry are at risk for suffering repetitive stress injuries, and a new smartphone app is being developed to help prevent those injuries from happening. Repetitive stress injuries are musculoskeletal injuries that are caused by repeated movements.

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Infographic_Smartphone App helps Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries


The most common types of repetitive stress injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff syndrome, and epicondylitis.
Some of these injuries may be debilitating, requiring surgery and time away from work. Crystal Lake worker comp lawyers often represent workers who have suffered repetitive stress injuries as a result of their job duties.

The New App

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin - Madison are developing a smartphone app to help engineers with tracking repeated motions so that the engineers may make modifications to make working areas more ergonomic. The app is meant to track movements more effectively in order to provide objective measures of their risks. Currently, health and safety professionals use subjective scales of risk, rating movements on scales ranging from zero to 10. This makes the subjective scales not very useful in preventing repetitive stress injuries.

The researchers are using data that was gathered by multiple institutions that collected videos of various movements. The program that the researchers are developing will allow health and safety professionals to point their smartphones at workers so that their movements can be tracked while gathering a reliable measurement of the risks involved with the movements. Engineers may then take these findings in order to design more ergonomic workstations that help to prevent the incidence of repetitive stress injuries.

Repetitive Stress Problems

Repetitive stress injuries may necessitate surgery. Some people who suffer from them may be unable to return to their former jobs. Others may be temporarily or permanently disabled because of their injuries. These injuries commonly occur in jobs that require people to use the same motions repeatedly, including typing, using power tools, repeated lifting, and other similar movements.

Employers have a duty to keep their workplaces safe for their employees. When a worker is injured because of his or her job, workers' compensation may be available to cover all of his or her resulting medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. People may recover monthly payments if their injuries leave them suffering from temporary or permanent partial or total disabilities. Crystal Lake worker comp lawyers might help their clients to receive the maximum allowable benefits for their work injuries.


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