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Hidden injuries from a car accident may be deadly

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People sometimes forget just how unnatural it is for human bodies to travel at high speeds, only to be painfully reminded by a car accident. Even an accident between two vehicles with high safety ratings may still produce serious injuries or death, and the victims may not even realize they have injuries until hours or days later.

If you recently experienced a car accident, have you gone to see a doctor? Many drivers who experience car accidents do not realize that they may have delayed pain injuries that do not cause pain but are still causing damage. Even if you think that you got away from the accident without any injuries, it is important to undergo a professional medical examination as soon as you can. If you have organ damage or internal bleeding from the accident, this examination may save your life.

The dangers of damaged organs

Our bodies are full of complex systems that work as a whole to keep us healthy and functional. If one of those systems or one of your organs ceases to function, it not only creates massive problems for whatever function that organ serves, it places huge strain on the rest of the body.

If you suffered damage to an organ in a car accident, you may not feel anything for several hours or days, because the body is trying to heal the organ through its own processes. However, once the organ fails, your experience will change enormously. Organ failure is extremely painful, and when one organ fails, the rest of the organs in your body begin to shut down as well. Without timely intervention, this can painfully kill you.

Internal bleeding is dangerous in multiple ways

Many people do not understand that any kind of bleeding is very dangerous, whether it is internal or external. Even if blood remains in your body, if it is contained within the circulatory system, something truly dangerous may happen.

Too much blood loss of any kind is deadly. The sudden reduction of a large amount of blood kills a victim in seconds, for instance. On the other hand, a very small internal injury that causes slight internal bleeding may develop into a much worse injury soon, if left alone. Our bodies are full of harmful bacteria floating around in manageable quantities, but when an internal wound occurs, it offers harmful bacteria a place to grow and multiply.

Once the wound develops a substantial infection, the infection can then spread through the blood stream and travel to all parts of the body, infecting every system and organ. This is both painful and deadly.

Protecting yourself and your future

Any injuries that you suffer in a car accident deserve high quality medical care as soon as possible. Be sure to seek a professional medical examination to identify any hidden injuries and build a strong claim to seek full compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. A strong claim helps to protect your rights and ensure that you have the treatment and tools you need to make a full recovery and thrive in the future.