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In a crash: Take these emergency steps

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you are in a motor vehicle accident, the first thought you may have is for your passengers. You know the condition you are in based on how you feel, but your passengers may be badly hurt or need emergency care.

If there are witnesses, people may try to help you. It is important to know what they should or should not do so that you can help the victims of the crash in the best way possible.

What should you do following a traffic accident?

Before anyone does anything, it is vital to call 911 and have the police, fire department and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) alerted to the situation. When you are talking to the 911 operator, they will likely ask you about the state of the other victims. This is an opportunity to assess the injuries other people have suffered.

At this time, anyone who is bleeding excessively, at risk for cardiac arrest or other issues should already be receiving emergency, life-saving care from others. If no one can perform these treatments, then you should try to keep the victims comfortable until help arrives. It is acceptable for people to try to provide CPR, to compress injuries to stop the bleeding and to calm victims until help arrives.

What shouldn’t you do at the scene?

Unless there is a serious risk to those in the vehicle or outside the vehicle, do not move them until emergency care arrives.

Car accidents are serious, but with these tips, you can keep the victims calm until help arrives and works to help them survive their injuries.

After you have received the necessary medical treatment for your injuries, you can look into what you need to do to seek compensation from the t-fault driver.