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Is your loved one a victim of nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

older woman with walker next to nurse in a nursing home

For many people, the choice to place a loved one in a nursing home is difficult for everyone involved. Even in circumstances where the care facility operates well and the staff are capable and trustworthy, the emotional strain of the transition is difficult to bear.

Of course, for many patients who enter a nursing home, the experience is much harder. Some nursing homes operate with questionable policies or simply provide unacceptable care. Others may employ caretakers who do not have their patients’ best interests in mind, and may take advantage of their vulnerable state. There are many concerns when it comes to nursing homes, and they are all important to consider.

If your loved one faces mistreatment or neglect in a nursing home, what can you truly do about it? That depends on the nature of the mistreatment and the evidence you can present to support your claims. If your loved suffers some form of abuse, then you may have a very strong case, but what if the harm is from neglect, rather than active abuse?

Nursing home neglect is a serious concern

Nursing home neglect sounds like a smaller violation than nursing home abuse, but that is not always the case. If a nursing home does not provide proper services and protection to their patients, they may violate both state and federal laws, which may justify a significant lawsuit.

Nursing homes generally must care for their patients’ needs in a number of areas, including

  • Shelter appropriate for the elderly and other vulnerable patients
  • Proper, acceptable food, served regularly and dependably
  • Bathing for patients
  • Appropriate clothing for patients
  • Medical care and proper supervision for patients

Should a nursing home not provide these for their patients, it may qualify as neglect, if not outright abuse. This is not something to take lightly or accept as a necessary part of keeping a loved one in a nursing home.

Is neglect illegal?

If a nursing home does not properly provide supervision and care for its patients, they are breaking the law. However, that does not necessarily mean that the facility or any of its staff face criminal charges. It is more likely for these violations to lead to a civil dispute. While that may not seem as satisfying for the family of a victim, it offers a fair opportunity at compensation.

If you suspect that your loved one suffers from nursing home neglect, then it is time to consider a legal strategy to protect your loved one’s rights and seek fair compensation for any violations or neglect they suffer while staying in the nursing home. A strong legal strategy helps ensure that you understand the legal options that you have and gives you the tools to fight for justice and trustworthy care for the one you love.