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What causes delayed injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Accidents & Injuries

Delayed injuries are often a concern among those injured in car crashes. In many cases, the injuries themselves are present at the time of the crash, but the victim may not realize it until much later. At that time, the victim may have gone home without medical care, not realizing that they’re injured until the injury has progressed significantly.

Delayed-onset injuries aren’t uncommon after a crash. When an impact happens, the body has to absorb as much as it can. Although the seat belt and airbags deploy and limit the impact to the body, there is still a risk of injury. When the body cannot absorb any additional force, bruising, lacerations and other injuries occur.

What are some commonly delayed injuries that appear after a crash?

Delayed injuries often include things such as whiplash and bruising. Head injuries may also not present immediately. Sometimes, injuries like whiplash take time to set in. This is because the body releases chemicals in a fight-or-flight reaction. Adrenaline helps people stay awake and out of pain, but this isn’t always good. It can mean that injuries develop over the next few hours or days, leading to medical visits well after the crash occurred.

Can you claim for delayed injuries?

As long as the injury is related to your crash, you can make a claim for it. It’s wise to go to the hospital immediately following a crash, so there is no question about your medical condition. However, if you don’t, you can still go to the hospital later if and when your delayed injuries show up.