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Williams settles civil lawsuit involving wrongful death

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you follow tennis, then you may have known about the car crash involving Venus Williams in 2017. That crash resulted in the death of one person and a serious lawsuit against Williams.

The tennis player had been traveling in Palm Beach Gardens with the right-of-way when a vehicle pulled out in front of her. She was able to stop quickly to avoid the accident with the vehicle in front of her, but the vehicle to her rear did not stop and collided with her.

This resulted in a rear-end collision with a Hyundai Accent. The man riding as a passenger was badly hurt in the crash. He passed away two weeks after the crash as a result of internal bleeding, severed arteries, internal organ damage and a fractured spine.

The interesting thing about this story is that Williams was not found to be at fault, and no criminal charges were filed. However, civil lawsuits are allowed regardless of whether there are criminal charges. The family claimed that Williams had been negligent. Downloaded information from both vehicles was used by the parties to come to a settlement agreement.

Crashes may not result in criminal charges, but for the victims, there is still a chance to obtain compensation if someone is killed or hurt. No matter how bleak the situation looks, it’s important to talk with your attorney about your options. A civil claim might give you the ability to obtain compensation that you can use to pay for medical care, lost wages and other impacts of a traffic accident.