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Sudden storms create dangerous drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Accidents & Injuries

When people see that there is bad weather headed their way, they can tend to overreact. This is bad news if you’re on the roads, since people who would typically obey traffic laws may decide to do everything they can to get to safety, even though they’re not considering how dangerous their own actions are.

Take for example the recent burst of thunderstorms through the Midwest. While they can be scary and threatening, drivers have to know the right way to handle the hazardous weather. They need to be aware that they should turn on their hazard lights, slow down or pull over. Many drivers speed up to try to rush to the nearest exit or parking lot, but in their haste, they could cause a crash.

One thing to remember as the spring approaches is that there is always going to be a risk of thunderstorms that produce high winds and tornadoes. As someone who may be on the road when a tornado alarm is sounded, you need to be aware of the right steps to take. The most essential thing to do is to find shelter or to pull over in a safe area. Some people park temporarily under overpasses, and others pull into local businesses’ parking lots. Whatever you do, don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights and to proceed with caution.

If debris is beginning to litter the roadways, you have the option of stopping or slowing down. If you are struck because another driver is trying to avoid debris, you should both call 911 and wait for help at the scene as long as it is safe. If it isn’t safe, you should seek shelter as near to the site of the accident as possible.