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Teen dies in 2-car crash in Wauconda

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Imagine driving down the street. You have another line of traffic driving toward you on the opposite side of the road. Suddenly, a driver pulls out into your lane, heading straight for you. You’re able to brake and avoid a crash but not everyone has enough time to do so. They’re the victims who end up in head-on crashes.

Sadly, some people don’t survive when they’re struck by a driver who isn’t paying attention or is being reckless behind the wheel. That’s what happened in this case involving a McHenry teen who was killed when another vehicle collided with her own.

According to the March 19 news report, the young woman, only 16, was killed in a collision in Wauconda. The two-car crash happened on Route 12 when a black Elantra, which was driven by an 18-year-old man, was moving south and crossed the centerline. His vehicle then collided directly with the 16-year-old woman’s Ford Focus.

The 18-year-old man and three other teens were taken to local hospitals following the collision, but the 16-year-old driver did not survive. Today, charges are pending against the 18-year-old man.

Crashes like this one are usually avoidable. Drivers who cross the centerline may be distracted or driving while impaired. In rare cases, a vehicular malfunction could lead to the collision.

It is your attorney’s responsibility to help you get the fair settlement you deserve after you lose a loved one in a car crash. You’re already dealing with heartbreak, so it’s important to allow someone else to help you with the legal aspects of the case.