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ALDI fall leads to brain injury

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Accidents & Injuries

Injuries can happen anywhere, and some can be severe. Take, for example, this shocking story of a woman who fell at the local McHenry ALDI.

The woman, who was said to be in her late 70s, was shopping in the ALDI store when she fell and hit her head on the ground. At around 4:00 p.m, the police were dispatched to the scene to provide assistance. They, along with the McHenry Township Fire Protection District, reported that the woman had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Flight For Life was called to the scene to transport her by air to the local Level I trauma center at Advocate Condell Medical Center.

It’s not clear what caused the fall, but situations like this can be dangerous and devastating to people, especially the elderly. A hit to the head can be serious, requiring immediate medical attention. Fortunately, she was able to be treated rapidly thanks to the quick call to 911.

Slip-and-fall accidents are a risk, and businesses should always be taking steps to prevent them when possible. If you are shopping in a grocery store and slip on wet floors or spills, you may be able to seek compensation that will help cover your medical care and any losses you’ve suffered as a result of your injuries.

Your attorney can talk to you more about the potential for filing a claim after you suffer a slip-and-fall-related injury. Your safety and health is the most important thing to take care of, but once you’re stable, give your attorney a call for more assistance.