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Rear-end crashes cause serious injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Accidents & Injuries


You were on your way to your children’s school when a bus driver behind you failed to slow down fast enough for a four-way stop. The next thing you knew, your vehicle was being pushed into the intersection, where you were hit by another driver after the initial strike by the bus driver.

Now, you’ve been left with multiple injuries, many of which were from the initial collision. You have a tender neck, headaches and problems associated with whiplash. You also struggle with pain and broken bones as a result of the second collision.

What do you do if you’re involved in a multi-vehicle crash?

Multi-vehicle crashes are unique because only the negligent drivers will be held liable for the damages others suffer. For example, in your case, it would not be fair to hold the driver who hit you in the intersection liable, since they were following the appropriate traffic laws. You could, though, hold the bus driver liable for forcing your vehicle into their path.

How is fault determined in a car crash?

To start with, know that there are four kinds of fault. They include:

  • Negligence
  • Intentional misconduct
  • Strict liability
  • Recklessness

Recklessness and wanton conduct apply when someone willfully disregards the safety and welfare of others. Negligence means that someone failed to do something that would help keep others safe.

Regardless of the kind of fault, it’s important to hold the person who is at fault liable. Their insurance coverage should help provide for the victims.

Keep in mind that it is not your job to prove fault. The insurance companies involved will review what took place and assign fault based on factors such as photographs or videos from the scene, a police report and other information.

What if you were also violating the law?

If you were also reckless or negligent, then you may be held partially liable for the injuries you suffered. This shouldn’t stop you from filing a claim, though, because the other person should be held responsible for their part in the crash.

Many people choose to reach out to a personal injury attorney after multi-vehicle crashes, because the cases can be more complicated than single or two-vehicle crashes. You may want to speak with your attorney about how long it will take to get the compensation you need to cover your financial losses, which may include medical care, damage to your vehicle and more.