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1 hurt in crash between car, school bus in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Accidents & Injuries

There are crashes all the time in Illinois, but only some of them lead to serious consequences. The people who are victims in these collisions may suffer from life-altering injuries or lose a loved one as a result of the impact.

It’s important for drivers to pay attention to the road and to make good decisions. If traffic is slowing down, they should, too. If it’s too difficult to see, they shouldn’t try to pass others. When passing, they should always make sure there is time to do so safely.

In this case in Illinois, a school bus ended up in a crash a much smaller vehicle when the driver attempted to overtake two semis that were stopped to turn into an upcoming driveway.

According to the story, the 54-year-old bus driver was heading west without students on board when she collided with a car. As a result of the crash, both the car and the bus ended up in a ditch. The driver in the car was taken to a hospital for injuries that weren’t considered to be critical after the crash. There was a passenger in the vehicle, but they were not reported as being injured.

Crashes are usually avoidable, especially when they have something to do with passing or slowing down to avoid a collision. In instances like this one, just giving yourself enough time to pass vehicles without hitting someone in the other lane can help you completely avoid a collision. Drivers need to be cautious when they want to pass, especially if it’s difficult for them to see around stopped vehicles.