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You deserve support after suffering severe injuries in a crash

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Accidents & Injuries

You were heading home from a local musical, and you were having a wonderful night. You and your partner were really pleased with how the evening had gone, and you were heading back home to have a drink and watch a movie.

Then, just as you made your plans, a light appeared unusually to the right of your vehicle. It wasn’t a second later that a vehicle collided with your passenger side as its driver quickly backed out of their driveway.

The impact was surprisingly forceful, considering that the other driver wasn’t moving that quickly. You immediately hit your head on the window and were struck by the brunt of the force as a passenger. Your partner escaped most of the initial force, but the push of the vehicle caused you to enter into another lane where a passing car hit you head-on.

Incidents like this one can leave victims severely hurt. It’s hard to imagine a life after an incident like this, especially as the medical bills add up. Fortunately, when you’re hit by another driver, that driver usually has to cover the cost of your care for any injuries you’ve suffered. If they have insurance, you can make a claim quickly, so you can focus on recovering without worrying about where you’ll find money to live.

When two people in the same household are hurt, the impact is exponential. You deserve the best support as you work to heal and recover from any injuries you suffered from. Our site has more information on the steps to take next.