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Knife attack leaves child with head injury in Gurnee Mills

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Accidents & Injuries

It’s unusual to hear about kids getting into serious fights, but when they do, those incidents can lead to significant harm coming to at least one of the children. That’s why this story is so sad.

A 14-year-old child is facing charges for hitting another child, 13, with a knife. Fortunately, the 13-year-old child is said to have suffered minor injuries during the knife fight that took place at Gurnee Mills mall.

The unusual incident took place at around 8:45 p.m. The police were called to the scene after reports were made that several minors were fighting in the parking lot outside the cinema. Once they arrived, they found one child, 13, with a head injury.

In total, there were eight people involved in the fight. The 14-year-old boy who was accused of stabbing the 13-year-old boy fled, but the officers were able to locate him. Paramedics were able to treat the injured child at the scene.

Shortly after the incident, the 14-year-old child turned himself in to the police with his mother accompanying him. Officers interviewed him, and charges were reportedly being pursued.

The Gurnee Police Department Public Information Officer reported that the incident was isolated and involved juveniles who knew one another. He did not believe that anyone else was in danger.

Situations like this are frustrating for many reasons. Juveniles should not have to deal with issues like knife fights or attacks. If you are hurt in an incident like this or have a child who is injured, remember that you may be able to seek a claim to cover your financial losses even if a criminal complaint is not made.