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An orbital fracture can be a big problem after a car crash

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You were involved in a serious traffic accident, and you took a direct blow to your face. The damage was severe, and you were very swollen. After going through imaging tests and emergency procedures, your medical provider informed you that you’d broken the bones around the eye socket.

An orbital fracture is a traumatic injury. It’s normally caused by a high energy impact to the face. This can be dangerous, because the swelling could impact your sight. Additionally, if a bone breaks and shatters, it could directly impact the eye.

The treatment of this kind of injury can vary. In your case, the break was significant, so you will need to have surgery to repair the eye socket. To know if the bone needs to be repaired, your doctor will look for symptoms such as:

  • Having an eye that is sunken in further than the other
  • Seeing that muscle has been trapped between the parts of a broken bone
  • Complaints of double vision
  • Having multiple shattered bones that are not in the right position

Initially, the goal will be to reduce swelling and to perform imaging tests. However, after that, your health care provider will talk to you about your imaging test results and what has to happen next. You may be given anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce swelling or may need emergency surgery. If there is any broken skin or a puncture, you may also be placed on antibiotics to prevent infection.

This kind of injury, as you can tell, is significant and may require surgery and other invasive procedures. You may want to file a claim to help make sure that you can get your medical care covered by the at-fault driver in your case.