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Can you use a camera in a resident’s room in a nursing home?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you place a loved one into a nursing home, one thing you may want to do is to place a camera in their room. In Illinois, you are allowed to install a camera into your loved one’s room, so that you can record what happens when you’re not able to be present.

In 2015, the governor of Illinois passed HB2462 to allow families and nursing home residents the option to use cameras in their rooms. There is no requirement that one has to be installed, but the option is something that should make you feel better. Why? You can use that camera to track what happens when you’re not able to be present.

If your loved one has a roommate, you should remember that you will need their permission to get a camera installed. Additionally, the law specified that any kind of recording you make can only be used during civil, administrative and criminal proceedings to help address concerns related to the safety, health and welfare of a resident or multiple residents.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s care, putting a camera into their room could be beneficial. For one thing, it’s a deterrent against criminal acts, since they would be recorded. Secondly, they sometimes give you the option to check in on a live feed, which is perfect if you want to see if your mom, dad or other family member is busy or settling in. With today’s technology, you may even be able to use a camera that you control and can speak through (which can increase your peace of mind).

If you’re worried about neglect or abuse, consider using a camera. The evidence you collect could be beneficial for your case.