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Is it okay to post about my accident on social media?

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Social media has become an ingrained part of many people’s lives and greatly benefits them as well. Keeping informed about long-distance friends and family can be fun, but social media can keep you from earning the compensation you need in terms of a personal injury claim.

The cost of a car accident involving medical attention can cost a victim thousands of dollars or more. Without personal injury compensation, the victim may have to pay for expenses out of their own pocket. But how can social media jeopardize things?

The consequences of oversharing

A major part of a personal injury claim is holding liable parties accountable by proving your side of what happened in the accident. Even a minor mistake of habitually apologizing at the scene of the accident can cost you a settlement offer, even if you were not responsible for causing the accident.

Social media can magnify the consequences of a minor mistake. While an apology at the scene of an accident is hard to prove, photos or posts you share about the accident are not. Posting a picture of the accident may unintentionally prove that you were at fault. Even the person you are filing a claim against is actually not liable for your injuries.

Limit your injury conversations

While filing a claim for a personal injury, your attorney should be only of the only people you talk to about it. Avoid talking to insurance agents, the other party, or even your friends and family about the accident without having an attorney present. When a minor mistake can cost you the compensation you need to cover your personal injury expenses, be sure you keep from posting anything online that could threaten your future.

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