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Watch your step this winter

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Accidents & Injuries

A slip and fall can happen anywhere but leave you with considerable consequences. Falls result in more than eight million hospital visits, with those visits coming with extensive costs like medical bills. The winter months can actually bring more trip hazards, making it more important than ever to watch your step to avoid these accidents.

Common causes of winter falls

Cold weather and snow can affect walkways both outside and inside, and in more ways than you may expect. Some examples of winter trip hazards include:

  • Ice on sidewalks and stairs
  • Uneven walkways due to packed snow
  • Snow and ice covering trip hazards
  • Snow and ice melting into puddles in the entryways of businesses
  • Hidden black ice being hard to spot
  • Icy handrails not providing necessary support

Part of what makes a fall so dangerous is how unprepared we are for them. It is rare for anyone to see their fall coming, which does not give them much time to protect themselves as we fall.

Compensation for the consequences

A fall can cause someone to suffer catastrophic injuries like broken bones, nerve damage, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. These consequences can cost victims a serious amount of money in lost income, property damage, physical therapy, and current and future medical expenses.

After a fall, make sure you gather evidence of the fall, such as what caused it and what witnesses saw. To help you earn the best possible outcome in your injury claim, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Their guidance can make the difference in whether you receive a fair settlement or not.