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Financial peril often accompanies personal injury accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Accidents & Injuries

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Based on the type of accident, individuals could suffer devastating injuries. These injuries might require surgery, hospital stays, lengthy physical therapy and a lifetime of prescription medications. Additionally, some injuries will require extensive home modifications to accommodate a new condition. Individuals struggling with paralysis or amputation will likely find pricey lifestyle changes are necessary. Unfortunately, these medical bills and new debt can quickly create a perilous financial future.

While every injury is unique, there are certain factors that often lead to overwhelming medical debt, including:

  • Medical treatment: The more serious the accident generally means the more serious the injury. Unfortunately, even a seemingly minor injury can have lasting effects. Medical treatment can often mean numerous visits to a healthcare facility, diagnostic tests, surgery and a hospital stay. Additionally, an injured individual might need prescription medications to battle chronic pain or a recurring infection.
  • Physical therapy: Depending on the injury, an individual might require extensive physical therapy. A crush injury, spinal cord damage or amputation could require a lifetime of retraining the body to accommodate the new normal. Additionally, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could damage cognition requiring numerous sessions with various medical experts that extend well past the accident date.
  • Home accommodations: A severe injury could require the installation of handrails around restroom facilities or wheelchair accessible ramps at all entrances of the home. Individuals living in a multi-floor dwelling will need a motorized stairlift installed. These accommodations, while necessary, can lead to tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

A serious injury can quickly take over your life without warning. Whether it is due to a motor vehicle collision, a workplace accident or a debilitating condition that makes gainful employment a challenge, individuals must ensure they are financially protected. A successful personal injury claim, a workers’ compensation claim or a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim can make all the difference in the world.