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What is a disability compassionate allowance?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Social Security Disability

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If a disability affects your ability to work or generate income, then Social Security disability benefits might be the only way you can support yourself and your family. You might have to wait for the Social Security Administration to process your application, though, during which time your finances might not be enough to make ends meet.

The good news is that the SSA has a solution for expediting the process for those who need support the most. Learn more about the SSA’s disability compassionate allowance and whether or not you or a family member may be eligible.

What are compassionate allowances?

The SSA’s compassionate allowance initiative entails a system by which they can quickly identify diseases and other conditions that meet the standards for Social Security benefits. The program pinpoints applications that are likely candidates for compassionate allowances and ensures that those with the most serious disabilities can receive their benefits quicker. Through compassionate allowances, the SSA can make quicker decisions and reduce your waiting time if you have an eligible disability.

Can I receive a compassionate allowance for my disability?

The SSA uses information from specialized communities as well as research from medical experts and institutes to determine which disabilities are most suitable for compassionate allowances. While not every disability is eligible, the SSA strives to accommodate as many conditions as possible in its compassionate allowance initiative. The SSA website provides a full list of eligible compassionate allowance conditions.

A disability compassionate allowance reduces the waiting time you must undergo when applying for Social Security disability benefits. If your condition is eligible, you will be able to receive financial support from the SSA much sooner than usual.

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