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What are the risks of driving a motorcycle in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

man looking at motorcycle helmet in store

There are more than 315,000 licensed motorcycles in the state of Illinois, though this number continues to increase each year. As these bikes take to the streets, there is a risk of accident or injury to the drivers on account of personal driving behaviors or other motorists on the road.

The state’s published operator manual clearly expresses ways to operate and maneuver on the roads safely. However, the lack of a statewide helmet law contributes to the thousands who experience serious injury or death as the result of a collision.

Illinois fatalities and injuries

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, motorcycles account for nearly 14% of all traffic fatalities in the state and 4.2% of traffic accidents. In the year 2020, 152 motorcyclists lost their lives because of a traffic accident while just over 3,000 experienced injuries. While speed is often a leading cause of these incidents, many reports indicate that the lack of awareness and caution on the part of other motorists on the road contributes to the significant risk of injury and death.

Prevention of injury and death

Though it is not a requirement by law, wearing a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet can reduce the risk of serious injury and death by up to 40%. Nationwide, it is the younger drivers who are more reckless when operating their motorcycle that have the highest risks of a collision or accident, so developing maturity and exercising restraint can also prevent collisions.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious personal injuries and lifelong complications. Prioritizing safety reduces the chances of ruining your life from an avoidable incident.