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What are the most common injury risks from a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

motorcycle on highway

Whether you experienced a motorcycle accident recently or worry about the risks, you should understand the most common types of injuries that motorcyclists sustain in an accident. Recognizing the most common injuries makes it easier to identify symptoms and seek treatment right away. The sooner you seek treatment, the easier it is to document your injury as a result of the crash for your personal injury claim.

Here are some common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents.

Soft tissue damage

Soft tissue damage is one of the most common injuries from motorcycle accidents. Road rash, bruises, cuts and punctures need medical treatment right away. Wounds like these develop infections and leave significant scarring without proper medical attention.

Orthopedic complications

Any type of motor vehicle accident poses a risk for broken bones, dislocations and orthopedic complications. Motorcycle riders face increased risk without the protection of a vehicle cabin. Impact with the road or another vehicle often leads to serious orthopedic injuries. Address these injuries right away to reduce the risk of long-term complications and severe pain.

Brain injury

Brain injuries are among the most serious injuries from motorcycle accidents. Even riders with a helmet risk traumatic brain injury due to the force of impact in an accident. Some brain injuries, such as concussions, can heal with minimal long-term complications. Others may lead to long-term care and severe cognitive declines.

Recognize the most common types of injuries so you can address your medical needs following a motorcycle accident. The sooner you seek medical care, the more documentation you have to support an injury claim if necessary.